Walkin' on the Wild Side

Peck-tacular Woodpeckers

November 15, 2021 Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight
Walkin' on the Wild Side
Peck-tacular Woodpeckers
Show Notes

Many birds have amazing adaptations to compete and survive in the world, and the woodpecker is no exception.  Even though early naturalists didn't use much imagination naming the bird (I mean seriously...a bird that pecks wood so they call him a wood pecker...c'mon y'all!) , they certainly were amazed at the coloration, adaptations, and behavior of woodpeckers.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle as they talk about the amazing antics and adaptations of woodpeckers and share stories about these unique birds.

Here's some great websites about woodpeckers:
How Congaree Was Saved by the Ivory-bill Woodpecker

In this episode, we also include a special shout out to the Trailblazers of Make-A-Wish and the amazing and selfless work, dedication, and volunteer commitments they make to big a ray of sunshine and glimmer of hope to critically ill children and their families. 

*Gabrielle, our co-host, is actively fundraising for Make-A-Wish and finished her 3rd 28.3 mile hike.  Please help her meet her fundraising goal:

Gabrielle Bouknight Trailblaze Challenge - Donate Now!

Make-A-Wish Homepage

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