Walkin' on the Wild Side

Vultures - Nature's Clean Up Crew

August 01, 2023 Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight
Walkin' on the Wild Side
Vultures - Nature's Clean Up Crew
Show Notes

It's time for another episode and we dedicate this podcast to our friend Donna down in the Lowcountry!  She adores vultures, so Gabrielle and I dug deep (ew!) and had a front porch chat about the amazing and incredibly necessary turkey and black vultures.  Cleaning up dead animals, stopping disease in its tracks, and providing comic relief, these birds are social, personable, and intelligent.  Get to know Nature's clean up crew and discover that the seemingly disgusting bird that feeds on dead stuff is actually a pretty cool critter!

Here's some additional websites about the amazing vulture:

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