Walkin' on the Wild Side

Fairies of the Forests with Jody and Michelle

June 01, 2023 Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight
Walkin' on the Wild Side
Fairies of the Forests with Jody and Michelle
Show Notes

Every year we look forward to a short 2-4 weeks in the late spring to experience the amazing blue ghost fireflies.  This year, not only did I get to take Gabrielle with me, but also our good friends and fellow explorers, Jody Wilbanks and Michelle Owens.  Join Gabrielle, Jody, Michelle, and myself for a late night  in the forests of DuPont State Forest as we delve into the darkness to experience these amazing fairies of the forests and share our thoughts on this magical couple of nights!
Here's more info on the amazing blue ghost fireflies:

The Purkinje Effect/Shift
A couple of firefly tours:

Here's more about the wonderful organization that is Make-A-Wish:
Make-A-Wish: https://wish.org/
The South Carolina Chapter and Trailblaze Challenge:  https://wish.org/sc/trailblaze-challenge

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