Walkin' on the Wild Side

Jeepers Peepers - The Frogs of Spring

March 15, 2022 Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight
Walkin' on the Wild Side
Jeepers Peepers - The Frogs of Spring
Show Notes

Spring is springing and the woods are coming alive with the calls of spring frogs and toads!  We're talking about the first harbingers of spring like trout lilies, maple tree blooms, and yes, spring peepers.
Join us as we broadcast right in and amongst the frogs themselves in the bottomland woodlands of the Sumter National Forest in the  Piedmont of South Carolina, surrounded by the cacophony of frogs calling in the background!  Join us for this special podcast immersed in the sounds of spring.

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Interested in helping scientists learn more about frogs?  Citizen science programs need your help and participation!  Join FrogWatch and learn about frogs and help identify frogs in your area for population data to scientists studying frogs and toads.

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